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Debbie has a lifelong connection to Spirit.  Ever since she was a child she has been walking with Spirit – listening and learning to their wise words and teachings.  

“I have known and seen things that others appeared not to ever since I was a small child”.  Debbie’s lineage as a healer extends back from her grandmother and great grandfather.

Debbie works in collaboration with a team of spirit guides and doctors who enable her to visualise problems or dis-ease in the body and to sense a patient’s emotional or mental state.  She works on all three layers…..physical, mental and emotional.

Whilst working with her spirit guides she performs hands on healing or psychic surgery when necessary to attempt to heal the physical, mental or emotional trauma.  Debbie’s healing treatment is gentle, non –invasive and does not involve any physical manipulation.  During the healing her spirit guides often convey through her messages that are relevant to a patient’s wellbeing.

Many people have expressed their feeling about Debbie’s healing and here are some words from one of Debbie’s clients who have experienced her treatment.

“Debbie is quite simply a unique healer.  There are no tricks or gimmicks involved with Debbie’s work.  Truth is the word that always comes to mind when you have the opportunity to receive healing, advice and support from Debbie.

The true feeling and experience of comfort from spirit will embrace you when upon encountering her soft, truthful and loving treatment.   Whether you are suffering from mental, emotional or physical problems Debbie with the assistance from her spiritual team will be able to bring balance, peace and harmony.

Debbie’s work has expanded during the years through word of mouth, being offered many opportunities to expand through the media, but Debbie has always maintained healing and this gift from spirit isn’t about public display.  It is about the wellbeing of the person.  It is quite simply about passing on messages which will soothe a person’s heart and soul, repair some physical damage and calm the mind.

Debbie is a healer first and foremost offering simple, pain free, yet unique healing”.