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Debbie’s healing is powerful yet gentle.  Gentleness is something that is quite often missing in people’s lives so the soul loves the nourishment that provides.  The healing can replenish your energy and put clarity back into your life.

Debbie uses a variety of methods in her healing techniques.  Here is some information about them.

Psychic Surgery

This is non-invasive and does not physically penetrate the skin.  No physical manipulation takes place and the experience should be pain-free.  It can often leave you feeling a little tired afterwards so you need to realise you should not do too much straightaway after the treatment.  

Chakra Balancing

We all have a line of energy points called chakras running through us and sometimes life, trauma, stress or anxiety can throw us a little off balance.  This can be rectified by healing and re-aligning the chakras to rebalance and refocus your energy.  It is a very beneficial treatment to have.

Aura Cleansing

We all have an aura surrounding us and our day to day lives can affect the quality of the aura and can often do with a “spring-clean”.  It can help re-freshen you and pep you up more as well as making you present the real you.

Mental/Emotional Cleansing

The mental and emotional layers of people can become quite ill and in our modern, fast living world stress, anxiety, depression or on the increase.  Healing can help ease the mind and heart with the fatigue of it all by cleansing and clearing away heaviness.  One client who suffered greatly from depression and mental health used to say “When Debbie puts her hands near my head it makes the sun come out again”.  

Animal Healing

Debbie has worked with a lot of animals over the years and has many stories to tell about some of her sessions with them.   Animals are very spiritual creatures and respond well to healing.  Debbie uses  similar methods with animals as she does with people.

The Healing